Ever tried feeding three hungry young men with just a handful of oats, a cap full of berries and a boot full of mussels? Probably not, but it's all in a days work for Trevor, the designated chef/cook/miracle worker of the Three Hungry Boys.


A dab hand in the kitchen, Trevor often has to think on his feet. On the trip he was tasked with turning an unusual and downright bizarre bunch of foraged ingredients into dinner for the boys. The trip's menu featured lamb cooked in a subterranean oven, some very fresh rabbit stew and line caught salt baked pollock.


When he's not galavanting around the South West with his two best mates, Trevor spends his time making the world a better place by designing beautiful and functional products as an industrial designer.

In 2008 I wrote to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (I did not know him at the time) and this whole debarkle began. Don’t ask – Don’t get.




I am a practitioner of the art of trying your hand at any/everything (probably due to undiagnosed mild attention deficit disorder) and as such am a bit of a generalist – Jack of all trades and near master of some. For the past seven years, amongst other things, I’ve taught science to secondary students, a job I love and feel very blessed to do. It certainly helps in part to prepare me for a month of no money with two idiots with hygiene issues.




Things I love include… the outdoors, learning new things, finding the best kit for any activity (I believe this is called ALI), the natural world, fine natural and good food/ drink and being underwater.

Thom is a Marine Biologist, obsessed angler and is intensely keen on all outdoor pursuits.


Thom's role as one third of Hugh's Three Hungry Boys is as the Fisherman/Hunter/Forager. It is his task to try and keep the team fed with as much wild food as possible and he catches it anyway he can. Throughout their adventure Thom can be seen spearfishing, angling, shooting, lobster potting and foraging for wild mushrooms, plants and berries.


Thom currently works for River Cottage running courses on his favorite subjects, catching and cooking fish, and outdoor camping and cooking techniques.