Training for a triathlon with the Three Hungry Boys.

Sometime at the beginning of 2012 it suddenly occurred to me that it would be a fantastic idea to enter a triathlon. I love cycling, enjoy swimming and can tolerate running so combing all three seems like a great idea.


Having recently moved to Bristol I was overjoyed to find out about the Bristol Harbour Triathlon in July. I signed up straight away and called the other two, after a little persuasion they were both in too. Clearly anything involving the three of us and racing is always going to end in some sort of cheating and skullduggery (usually by me) but as this event is a qualifier for the world championships this could be a bit harder than usual.


We've all been training separately but we recently got together for an unofficial training camp in Wales. We stayed just outside Abergavenny and threw ourselves at the hills on our bikes and then practiced our open water swimming in a lake we found at the top of yet another hill.


The outcome of the weekend is that we all need significantly more practice, especially me when it comes to diving starts. My head is still ringing from a faceflop.









Plymouth Half Marathon...........

In Pink Pants

Tim and Thom have just posted some very respectable times for the Plymouth Half Marathon. Thom was heling to raise support for Macmillan and due to some devious and underhand tactics found himself on the start line in a pair of pink hotpants. All in the name of charity.


If you'd like to bump Thoms already impressive donations up click on the link below.

Foraging for..........Elderflowers!

In the last couple of weeks with the rain and then blazing sun Elderflowers have erupted all over the country. They have an unmistakable aroma and are delicous when made into cordial and wine.


Below is a recipe from our book on how to make the cordial.




 Elderflower appears in late May–early June up and down the country, covering the elder tree with its large dense heads made up of tiny white flowers


INGREDIENTS: (will make two litres of cordial)

• water, 1.5l

• sugar, 1.5 kg

• elderflower heads, min 25 large heads

• Citric Acid, 50g

• Lemons, 3 small/ 2large


Dissolve the sugar in boiling water in a large pan then allow to cool fully. 

Slice lemons and add to elderflower heads (with leaves and large stalks removed) in another large pan and cover with citric acid. 

Pour over dissolved sugar/syrup mix, place lid on and leave (min 8 hours) over night to infuse. 

Strain the whole lot through a fine meshed sieve into a jug or other container with a pouring lip.

Now pour the cordial into clean sterilised bottles for storage and freeze some for later use. 

To serve, put cordial into a glass and top up with still or sparkling water and ice cubes for an amazingly refreshing, home-made summer drink.




Make the syrup before collecting flower heads as it takes several hours to fully cool and the best flavor is achieved from the freshest elderflowers.


Citric acid is not always easy to get hold of but is essential; try wine-making shops, health food stores or chemists, or try the internet

The syrup is super-sticky and seems to get everywhere!


LASTLY, for those of you who are ‘of age’, you must try a cocktail called a Gin Garden, it is, in our not so humble opinion, the quintessential British summer drink.


INGREDIENTS: (per cocktail)

1.5 shots gin

1 shot Elderflower cordial,

1/3 of a peeled cucumber

quarter fresh lemon, squeezed,

1 shot pressed apple juice (preferably Copella)


Peel and cut the cucumber into one inch chunks and roughly mash. Pour all of your ingredients plus the cucumber preferably into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake for 30-60 seconds. (If you don’t have a shaker, a large glass with something over the top will do!) Strain through a fine sieve (to remove cucumber lumps) into a chilled martini glass and serve with a cucumber or apple slice garnish. This is totally amazing – a must try!





We set ourselves the goal of getting outdoors and involved in all manner of challenges in 2012. 


We knew that these challenges would involve a fair amount of time on two wheels. So we got in touch with                         who kindly sorted us out with the equipment we needed and told us to get out there and get stuck in.




Now it's down to us to find bigger and bigger challenges to get involved with. The idea was to start as relative novices (Tim should really have a pair of stabilisers) and end the year as a die hard, hardened Chris Hoy/Chuck Norris type.


We've hit the mountains of Wales (Tim and Thom stacked it) put in some serious time on the road, Trevor has entered this year's first sprint Triathlon (didn't fall off his bike) and we have plenty more planned both on and off-road.


                               are one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world consistantly turning out bikes that win prizes and more importantly win races. We've all been hugely impressed by the bikes and how much they have helped us get faster and fitter.


All of our challenges so far are listed on our events page so come along and get involved, whether that's cheering us on or giving it a go yourself. The bottom line is, if we can do it so can you.


As we are tackling a number of Triathlons this year we have enlisted the help of                   a fantastic British brand created by professional triathlete James Lock. The suits are designed in the UK using experience and feedback from top athletes to produce a top notch wetsuit.


We've been training in them for a while now and can certainly vouch for their fit and comfort not to mention the fact that they make us go faster.


 We are very proud to be working with a British brand, especially one that has been getting rave reviews from all the magazines and testers this year.


Let the racing commence!!